“Anxiety stems from feeling that time – past, present of future—is out of our control. Most people today suffer from what might be called chronic, low-grade anxiety. This is also why so many people are on medication or on recreational drugs, which amounts to the same thing, a chemical adjustment to save off anxiety. The only way to go beyond anxiety is to embrace uncertainty.”

“Murky stagnant energy on levels of emotional and mental consciousness needs to be identified and transformed if we are to succeed in re-connection to our sacred source: Eart, planetary Soul, and the Cosmos itself.”

I was so surprised by reactions to a recent blog post in which I talked about the task of pulling fear into love. So many friends texted “are you OK?” My mother pulled my Dad out of bed concerned for my emotional well being.

When I learned of this, I laughed out loud, but this was a very potent lesson for me and it illuminated a truth about people: people are terrified of their shadow sides and they are terrified of other peoples’ shadow sides.

In fact people are so afraid of their shadows that rather than suss them out and bring them to light; they squelch them down and deny them. They gaze upon toxic TV screens, indulge in mind-controlling media, pop anti-anxiety and anti-depression meditations, helicopter-parent, gossip, shop, drink, talk incessantly, distract, distract, distract. People will do anything to disengage from their shadows. Because if we admit to them, then something is wrong with us, right? No. Freedom lies in admitting to them.

I was trying to write a piece about the task we all have, as humans, to gaze upon our shadows in order to transform fear into love. Because if you’re human, deny them all you want, but you have shadows. When my friends and my mom were concerned for my emotional well-being, I realized I’d missed the mark in big way, so I edited my blog post to sound less tortured. By the time my Dad saw the post, it was benign enough that he accused my mom of being crazy (as she might be. lol!).

In all honesty, I’m not tortured: I’m sincerely very buoyant and joyful. I live in a very free-state; in which other than the occasional sleep help, I don’t even take OTC meds, I do not watch mainstream media, ever. I’ve figured out how to make a living traveling all over, sharing my greatest passions and helping to #raisethevibration. I drink green juice, I practice yoga, I meditate daily, I read prolifically, I laugh often, I play with my kids, and in spite of a few eye-rolls, I married someone who is relentlessly supportive of my fierce independence, non-conforming view of the world and #raisethevibration pursuits (inspire of the relative chaos its added to our lives): I’m living my self-sovereignty. Life is GOOD.

The fact that I’m happier, more liberated, and more content then I’ve been in years, is what makes me less afraid of my shadow side. As the fear of my shadow subsides, I don’t need to obliterate it, hide it, squelch it, numb it away nor deny it. I can own it and I can share it because my shadow holds no power over me.

When I look my shadow in the eye and see those “murky energies” for the lies of the mind that they are, I have the opportunity to transcend my darkest parts. I’m constantly looking at how the human condition, of “low grade anxiety and murky stagnant energy,” manifests in me; because It’s only when I really look at these low vibrational energies that I can name them and claim them. Only then can I can transmute them.

The positive aspect of darkness is a complement to light. Without its complement, light would die, so darkness in this sense is a necessary and vital part of light.” Don’t be afraid of your shadows. Don’t be afraid of my shadows. Don’t be afraid of other peoples’ shadows Bringing our shadows to the light is our work and our healing. For it is only in the velvety night-sky that we can see the brilliance of the stars.



Quotes: The Power of Letting Go :: Transforming Fear into Love by Dr. Nicholas Corrin, ND.