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Jaime has been working deeply with yoga, meditation, ceremony and ritual for the last 15 years and with shamanism and sacred plants since 2017. In these last 5 years of intense work with plant medicine, she has seen the benefits in the expansion of her own cosmic consciousness, connection to the divine and infinite love.

In these personalized healing ceremonies, Jaime shares her love for yoga, shamanism, sacred plants, ritual, mantra, sound healing (with crystal singing bowls), breath work, tarot and astrology  with you to help you to peel back the layers of chaotic mental energy and egoic personality. These ceremonies are designed to connect with your higher self, Christ consciousness and the infinite creator.

Private Healing Yoga + Sound Healing Svasana

”Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured” ― B.K.S Iyengar

Yoga is more than a fitness routine. It is an ancient healing modality intended to create deep physical and emotional healing while connecting us to our higher self, the infinite creator and cosmic consciousness. Work with Jaime to experience a customized Yoga class that is focused on your physical and emotional needs/limitations. This healing yoga practice includes a Tarot integration, meditation, breath work, physical postures (asana) and an extended sound healing Svasana.

120 minutes are suggested as this is not a regular yoga class, it is a personalized, customized healing yoga session.

  • 120 minutes: Tarot integration, meditation, breath work, asana practice & extended sound healing – $175
  • 120 minutes: small groups $150/pp
  • 90 minutes : Tarot integration,, asana practice & sound healing – $150
  • 90 minutes : small groups – $125/pp
  • 60 minutes : Asana practice – $100
  • 60 minutes: small groups – $75/pp

Private Sound Healing

”The medicine of the future will be music and sound.”” ― Edgar Cayce

In the same way that glass breaks at certain frequencies, so do bacteria, viruses, pathogens, pain etc. There is a frequency at which healing can occur for every disease in the body. Every single pain or illness that we experience imprints in the etheric before it imprints in the physical, we can heal by attuning our energy body and introducing new frequencies designed for healing. Sound healing includes the magic of gongs, crystal singing bowls, drumming and chanted sacred mantra. Sound healing takes us deep into Alpha, Theta, Delta and even Gamma brainwaves to dissolve the ego, tap into cosmic consciousness and states of lucid dreaming. In our trance state we are often able to realize the perceptions, stories and beliefs we hold onto that hold us in the pattern of pain, disease and illness.

I highly recommend patterning this with a yoga session for a mini retreat.

  • 60 minutes : Tarot integration & sound healing – $100
  • 60 minutes: small groups – $75/pp

Plant Medecine Ceremonies

Cannabis, Sound Healing + Sacred Mantra

“When you [ingest] the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley

Since the beginning of time, man and womb-man have been altering consciousness to reach deeper states of awareness, mystical experiences and spiritual connection. Micheal Pollan’s newest book and NYT best seller, How to Change Your Mind, brings the healing properties of sacred plants into mainstream awareness.

In many parts of the US cannabis is legal; but so often it is misused and abused. Cannabis is not just a modality for escapism. Santa Maria is a sacred plant and a powerful healing teacher and ally. When used ceremonially, Santa Maria provides the beautiful potential to expand our consciousness and connect us to the deeper truths of the cosmos. Many people who swear that they “hate pot”  have used it inappropriately and love when they use it ceremonially. *

Cannabis is safe, non-toxic and non addictive;  its anti-inflammatory and anti-disease capacities are miraculous. As a psychotropic medicine, Cannabis is a sedating medicine that takes us into a deep, restful state of lucid dreaming and heart opening. When coupled with sound healing, the potential of the medicine to help us heal is stunning.

Yoga can be used to open the ceremony and allow the medicine to penetrate the mind and body before we relax onto our mats for the journey.

  • 3 hours : Tarot integration, Asana, Meditation & Sound Healing – $250
  • 3 hours : small groups – $200/pp

*Jaime was actually not a fan of cannabis until she started working with Ayahuasca. Then she “understood” plant medicine on a different level and she found that cannabis connected her into that magical realm. She now uses it regularly as medicine (for sleep and pain) and ceremonially.

For information regarding other Plant Medecine Journys, please contact Jaime.

Contact Jaime to schedule and discuss the details of your personalized ceremony.

*Jaime is not a shaman nor medicine woman, she is a facilitator.

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