Freedom Seeking
Magic, Perfection & Gratitude

Dear Yoga Sangha,

It’s been an amazingly joyful 6 weeks since I opened the doors on my little slice of heaven in my backyard, Freedom Seeker Yoga. I’ve often contemplated what the big shift is for me, and it’s that as a teacher, I’m in the position of giving rather than getting. While I always loved it, running studios with giant overhead and large staff always had me a bit in the ready position and on the hunt (for lack of a better term): numbers mattered. Now that I’ve manifested one of my highest goals, self-sovereignty, I’m simply giving, thereby I’m constantly receiving blessings as teaching is sincerely a gift. I’m back to my roots and teaching the way I love: community based, carefree awesomeness.
A few quotes from feedback that I’ve gotten in the last few weeks and maybe some motivation to invite you to come visit:
Magic. That is all.”
I’m so grateful, Jaime. Thank you. Class was so ‘on.'”
Just so you know, you elevated the f*$# out of my vibration on Monday. Totally brought me back to first falling in love with my practice. Just saying.
There are some amazing workshops and classes coming up! Read below to learn about a mother/daughter workshop, “Moonlight Manifestation” with Seattle’s top astrologer, medium and intuitive guide, Meredith Fromke and two upcoming retreats: Spring with Meghan Smith and Fall with Madzy Besselaar.
Thank you for your support as I reinvent and freedom-seek. I hope to see you in the studio soon!


Power Yoga for the Stiff  & Scared
Fridays, 4:30 – 5:30 pm, Starting November 13
If you don’t believe the words flow, fluid nor graceful apply to you but you’re interested in gaining the flexibility, power, strength, sweat and detoxification benefits of vinyasa yoga, than this is the class for you.
We will work hard: this will be an athletic, challenging and sweat inducing practice, but we will slow the pace of practice. We will emphasize long holds to learn the alignment and physiology of the poses and our transitions between poses will be simplified. Sign up here!

Mother + Daughter | Yoga, Nidra & Xmas Cookies
Sunday, December 6th, 9:30 am – 12:15 pm

Join Jaime, Piper and Grayson for an hour of playful, kid friendly asana, followed by an hour of child-friendly breath work, positive imagery and relaxation techniques. When we’re all finished in the studio, we’ll head into the kitchen to decorate healthy (paleo) X-mas cookies for you and your girls to take home in a festive reusable container.  Suggested ages: 7 – 12, younger girls are welcome if they can sit quietly. $25/pp, register (navigate to December 6th)  here.

Moonlight Manifestation Workshop with Seattle’s TOP Astrologer, Medium  &  Intuitive  Guide,
Sunday, January 10, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
I personally have been working with Meredith consistently since 2011. There are no words to describe what an amazingly magical guide and teacher she is and I’m honored to host her. I have to say this, in the same year that I had two friends simply close the doors and walk away from studios, I was able to sell mine for a profit and figure out how to earn a living traveling to Mexico (a goal that was right up there with creating self-soverignty) . . . as a result, our tagline from teacher training 2015 was #manifestthatsh*t. Meredith guided me through the process and foresaw it all during my journey through 2015.
In Meredith’s words:   “In this 90 minute intimate workshop you will learn how to manifest ANYTHING your heart desires.
What does your heart ache for? What does your soul long for?  What is missing in your life to give you greater happiness and freedom? Together, believe it or not, we can manifest it! Together we can create significant and profound changes in your life, melting the road blocks and any negativity from your life! Meredith will teach you how to connect to Spirit and create ANYTHING you want in your life. If you don’t believe in miracles – you soon will!
In this more intimate 90 minute candlelight workshop, Meredith will help you go deep into your heart to extract your desires and manifest them into reality. Working with her custom made essential oil candles, Meredith will help you harness this powerful energy to bring potent change into your life. It’s absolutely awe-inspiring to see the results of your wishes manifested into reality!”
$45/pp. Register (navigate to January 10th) here. Find workshop details and what you will need to bring here.

Southbound ::   Sayulita, Mexico
Co-lead with the Amazing Meghan Smith
May 14 – May 21st, 2016, A Budget Friendly Retreat

It’s the vibrancy, the color, the weather, the language, the culture, the amazing opportunities to explore, the food, the ‘ritas, the pulse of the ocean and the verdancy of the jungle the make Mexican Riviera my favorite place to do yoga and my beloved h-ommm-e away from home. Megan and I are Southbound in May, when the humidity is at bay and the the weather is perfect. Just in time to yoga it out for Summer in Seattle. Join us in Sayulita this Spring, $700, details here.

Yin | Yang ::  Chacala , Mexico
Co-lead with the Amazing Madzy Besselaar
November 12 – 19, 2016, Luxury at  Mar de Jade

Catch the Early bird special! Register by 3/1/16 and save $150!

I love this retreat, Madzy and I are sisters in yoga and create an amazing yin/yang balance. This is our 4th year doing this together and we are in love with the experience. We hope you’ll join us for our most luxurious retreat offering ever!  Details and registration information here.