Today’s mantra: “My heart is at ease.” It has been exactly a year since I realized that LLF was probably going to sell. Negotiations had been tricky and I had very mixed emotions. As I relished in Winter break with my kids and thought about my strained vocal chords, stressed adrenal glands, sleeplessness and increased cortisol levels I knew what was right for me; I knew I would be releasing one of the greatest loves of my life. Letting great loves go, even when we know it’s the right thing, is never easy and this past year I’ve felt equal parts relief and regret . . . but I trust that no mistakes can be made and that life unfolds in divine perfection. ‪#‎noregrets‬‪#‎raisethevibration‬ ‪#‎freedomseeker‬ ‪#‎yoga‬ ‪#‎yogaeverydamnday‬‪#‎everythingisasitshouldbe‬ ‪#‎yogaeveryday‬