may29Daily mantra: find your soul home and be there, be there in body or in spirit. Be revived by place. In May, work has taken me to #sunvalley and #mexico. My two soul homes. Literally my two favorite places on the planet. I feel so alive and vibrant in both places. While they’re vastly different from each other they both offer a direct and immediate connection to nature, they both provide ample opportunities for chi (prana) and exploration and they both support a beautiful pace of life and fluid rhythm to the day. I’ve created a life where I get to be in both places often, but when I can’t be there physically, I go there in my imagination. In meditation, I’ll lay back on Quimixto beach and listen to the pounding waves while gazing at the stars or I’ll climb to the top of an Idaho peak and revere the Sawtooths. I am profoundly and deeply nurtured by both of these places and Im overwhelmed with gratitude for the cleansing and reviving they give me whether I’m there in body or spirit. #soulhome #sunvalley #mexico #freedomseeker #svwellness #yogateacher #yogaeverydayday