Today, I hit a wall. The last few mornings I’ve woken up feeling amazing, bright and ready to go. I’ve even taken my dog for short runs and practiced a bit of yoga. Last night I stayed up too late, I pushed it a bit, when cleansing the body needs a lot of rest, I usually need 7 hours of sleep, now I’m getting 9+ on the cleanse. So from a later night, today I woke up depleted, I really wanted food. I sat down and watched Natalia Rose’s videos to get me through the day, and I was reminded of why I’m doing what I ‘m doing.

From Natalia, On the subatomic level, we are wakening. We are magnetizing waste up and out of the tissues. Green juice saturates the waste, awakening it so it can be released. Juicing speeds the plow on cleansing, it puts the pedal to the metal. Juicing will do in 10 days what would take months with food. Karma can be released.”

“Spiritually you fill the body with light. When the matter is removed from cells and tissues, there’s a vacuum created, you choose what you fill it with. LIGHT. Return it to the life force. The owner can come home.”

She also said, “Discipline as your master is dysfunctional. Functional discipline is loving, nurturing and supportive. Commitment should create deeper freedom, not bondage. Discipline should be strengthening not enraging.”

Thank you, Natalie. I’m reminded of why I’m here. I’ve turned the corner past the 1/2 way point, I survived a pizza/wine night and a birthday party on juice and broth, I’m motivated and inspired to practice discipline, to fill my body with light and to cleanse efficiently and completely. I have colonic #2 and acupuncture scheduled for this week.