jaime scates schmitz

I am committed to unearthing expressions of internal and external freedom for myself and my primary goal as a teacher is to provide my students with glimpses of and forays into expressions of freedom. Whether it be through ceremony, travel, meditation, nidra, music, breath, fluidity, athleticism, handstands or exploring nature, I love to invite people out of the confines in which they limit themselves to sustain the illusion of control. Primarily I work with the element of fire, to create alchemy, as whatever we throw into the fire is transformed.

While my teaching style is creative, athletic, fluid and dynamic, I’m committed to honoring my roots and providing a traditional yoga experience. Elements of Ashtanga and Baptiste continue to guide every sequence I build. My classes are very challenging and certainly a physical practice, yet I guide my students past the physical and invite them to delve into the subtle and energetic bodies.

Currently, my personal practices are more focused in the realm of spirit, Shamanism and meditation. As I quest for Internal espressions of freedom, I find sharing this type of work brings me the greatest pleasure. I study with my gurus/primary teachers, Anita Lucia Briggs (a spiritual master), Amy Wharton (a practicing Buddhist and Peruvian trained Shaman ). Additionally, I am committed to an intense daily meditation practice with Dr. Joe Dispenza. These teachers have all initiated quantum leaps in my own consciousness.  I love to bring the work that I do with these masters into the studio and share this journey into spirit, the ultimate expression of freedom, with my students.

Having owned and operated successful commercial Seattle based studios, sold-out retreats locally and abroad, presented at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, been invited to teach on international trips with Escape to Shape and run two successful 200 Hour RYT Teacher Trainings, Jaime has been described as “a founder, a leader, an innovator and an early adopter” in the Seattle Yoga Community.

Madison Park Living Article

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the reviews

“Magic. You raised the f$*K out of my vibration on Monday. Totally took me back to first falling in love with my practice. Just saying.” — MS

“Perfection” — MM

“I am so grateful, class was so ‘on.'” — ML

Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Meditation

in Seattle, WA

Seattle is amazing city to practice vinyasa flow yoga. Vinyasa yoga is a study of movement in which movement is synchronized to one’s breathing. As each movement flows from one movement to the next, in a style known as flow yoga, it becomes a form of dance. For a more extensive list on what classes Freedom Seeker Yoga is offering, click here.